Irving Fang

I am a Computer Science PhD student at AI4CE Lab@NYU led by Prof. Chen Feng.

I obtained my bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley, double majoring in Data Science (Robotics Emphasis) and Mathematics, with minors in Japanese and EECS.
At UC Berkeley I was fortunate enough to work with Prof. Alice Agogino at her BEST Lab and Squishy Robotics.

During Summer 2022, I interned at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), working with Dr. Radu Corcodel on tactile sensing and deep reinforcement learning.

In my free time I enjoy playing with MCU/FPGA boards and GPU programming, although admittedly I haven't figured out a good way to integrate them with my research. I also enjoy literature, mostly modern and contemporary Japanese literature.

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I am interested in multi-modal robotic perception (tactile, visual, biosignal, etc.), and perception algorithm that makes robots more viable in real life with better power efficiency, execution speed and so on.

I use tools like deep learning, neuromorphic computing, model predictive control and etc..

But most importantly, at the fundamental level, I am interested in research that can enhance human experiences instead of replacing humans.

LUWA Dataset: Learning Lithic Use-Wear Analysis on Microscopic Images
Jing Zhang*, Irving Fang*, Hao Wu, Akshat Kaushik, Alice Rodriguez, Hanwen Zhao, Juexiao Zhang, Zhuo Zheng, Radu Iovita Chen Feng (* for equal contribution)
CVPR, 2024. Highlight (11.9% of 2719 accepted papers)
project page / arXiv (Coming Soon)

Paleoanthropology meets cutting-edge computer vision!
We create the first Lithic Use-Wear Analysis (LUWA) dataset and challenge Large Vision Model and Large Language and Vision Model with it.

EgoPAT3Dv2: Predicting 3D Action Target from 2D Egocentric Vision for Human-Robot Interaction
Irving Fang*, Yuzhong Chen* Yifan Wang* Jianghan Zhang†, Qiushi Zhang†, Jiali Xu†, Xibo He, Weibo Gao, Hao Su, Yiming Li, Chen Feng (*, †for equal contribution)
ICRA 2024
project page / arXiv

Human-robot interaction for a potentially AR world?

DeepExplorer: Metric-Free Exploration for Topological Mapping by Task and Motion Imitation in Feature Space
Yuhang He*, Irving Fang*, Yiming Li, Rushi Bhavesh Shah, Chen Feng (* for equal contribution)
RSS 2023
project page / arXiv

A simple and effective framework for efficient and lightweight active visual exploration with only RGB images as input

Dynamic Placement of Rapidly Deployable Mobile Sensor Robots Using Machine Learning and Expected Value of Information
Alice Agogino, Hae Young Jang, Vivek Rao, Ritik Batra, Felicity Liao, Rohan Sood, Irving Fang, R Lily Hu, Emerson Shoichet-Bartus, John Matranga (Authors ordered by department affiliation, not contribution)
project page / arXiv

A framework for optimizing the deployment of emergency sensors using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Network and Expected Value of Information (EVI)

Personal Projects
Please visit this repo. It contains pointers to some personal projects ranging from robotics to a RISC-V CPU implemented on a Xilinx FPGA board.
Teaching Aide, ROB-UY 3203 Robot Vision, Spring 2023
Teaching Aide, ROB-GY 6203 Robot Perception, Fall 2022
Teaching Aide, ROB-UY 3203 Robot Vision, Spring 2022

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